Rules Committee

The Rules Committee reviews rules from prior Convention and proposes rules for 2016 Convention with any recommended changes.

May 20th at 1:30pm in Room 250B

Committee Documents

Committee Procedures
Committee Procedures of the 26th International Convention of SEIU, May 20-24. As adopted by the IEB on May 5, 2016.


Tom Balanoff Local 1


Edgar Romney WU
Roxanne Sanchez Local 1021
Bob Schoonover Local 721


Martha Baker Local 1991
Maria Castaneda Local 1199UHE
Laura Garza Local 1
Rob Hill Local 32BJ
Cary Johnson MCO
Erica Kimble Local 1
Dean Staffieri Local 1989
Alejandra Valles USWW
April Verrett Local 2015
Ramona Welton Local 1989
Matt Yarnell HCPA